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Test method is inconclusive: Test wasn't run. Error?

I have a test class and below I have posted a sample test from the test class

namespace AdminPortal.Tests.Controller_Test.Customer
public class BusinessUnitControllerTests
private IBusinessUnitRepository _mockBusinessUnitRepository;
private BusinessUnitController _controller;

public void TestInitialize()
_mockBusinessUnitRepository = MockRepository.GenerateMock<IBusinessUnitRepository>();
_controller = new BusinessUnitController(_mockBusinessUnitRepository);

public void TestCleanup()
_mockBusinessUnitRepository = null;

_controller = null;


#region Index Action Tests
public void Index_Action_Calls_GetAllBusinessUnit()
_mockBusinessUnitRepository.Stub(x => x.GetAllBusinessUnit());



When I run the project I get following screen
enter image description here

I checked the references and the test project has the reference to main project.
Any idea why the test are not running or saying that they were inconclusive?

Edit 1:

I saw a post here and changed my test's setting's default processor architecture to X64 but it still doesn't work.

Answer Source

It was a Resharper issue. In Reshaper options->Tools->MSTEST, I unchecked the Use Legacy Runner and now it works.

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