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I want to move selected elements/ focused elements only from left to right using angular

I want to move elements from left to right only which are currently selected.
This is my current HTML code:

enter image description here

<select class="panel-body treeSection {{lhsTreeSectionClass}}"
<option style="background-color: white;" onmouseover="this.style.background='#A4D3FF';"
ng-repeat="avData in lhsTreeAV"
ng-click="user_clicks_row(avData, $event)"> <!--Here on click of element I am calling controller method -->

Here I am calling controller method and adding value to an array list when any element is selected but instead of it I want to add the values to list to copy it to right pane only when I select any element and press the > button.

This is my controller code:

$scope.user_clicks_row=function(avData, $event){

I want to pass only that elements to right side which are currently selected when I press > button for moving element from left to right.
Can someone please give me some pointers in solving this.

Answer Source

You can do it by binding your select to a model in Controller, this way you have the selected options.

Here's an example: JSFiddle


Fixed the Fiddle to iterate over the selected elements.

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