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TypeScript Question

Issue while installing angular-route.d.ts

I am using command

typings install angular-route --save -global

To install
. But it is showing this error. Help me to resolve this error.

typings ERR! message Unable to find "angular-route" ("npm") in the registry.
typings ERR! message However, we found "angular-route" for 1 other source: "dt"
typings ERR! message You can install these using the "source" option.
typings ERR! message We could use your help adding these typings to the registry:
typings ERR! caused by responded with 404, expected it to equal 200

typings ERR! cwd /Users/sun/enclarity-ui
typings ERR! system Darwin 13.3.0
typings ERR! command "node" "/Users/sun/.nvm/versions/node/v0.12.15/bin/typings" "install" "angular-route" "--save" "-global"
typings ERR! node -v v0.12.15
typings ERR! typings -v 1.3.2

typings ERR! If you need help, you may report this error at:
typings ERR! <>

This what I get when I search

typings search angular-route
Viewing 2 of 2

angular-route dt 1 2016-03-17T12:06:54.000Z
angularjs/legacy/angular-route dt 1 2016-03-17T12:06:54.000Z

Edit: I am using angular 1.5

Answer Source

Use typings install dt~angular-route --save --global

Note dt~(typings source DefinitelyTyped) and --global

More info here

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