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R Question

Change the default value in a built-in function

I was wondering if it is possible to change the default value for a built-in function in R? I have found some questions about setting default values for user made functions in R, but not for built-in functions.

Why do I want this? To be honest, it is purely a matter of convenience. Sometimes I write my results/data to a .csv file to make some quick graphs in Excel. To do this I use the

function. One of the defaults in this function is
row.names = TRUE
. So far, I have never wanted the row.names in my Excel file and I have forgotten to add
row.names = FALSE
to the function dozens of times. So is it possible to change the default value in this function to
row.names = FALSE

Answer Source

No. But if you want convenience, write a wrapper function yourself. For example:

my_write.csv <- function(...) write.csv(..., row.names = FALSE)

then you use my_write.csv.

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