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Export beamer slides to powerpoint editable format

I usually prepare my talks using powerpoint, where I explaing programs, pseudocodes, etc. Recently I was thinking about creating text-only, code-only and pseudocode-only slides with beamer and then exporting them somehow to powerpoint where I modify them to add figures or some minor details for polishing the presentation, which are usually hard to do with beamer. Sometimes it is also a problem when I work in a shared presentation with a colleague that only knows powerpoint and who has to make minor final modifications.

I googled a bit around and found that beamer can export to PDF or PS but not to powerpoint. I wonder anyway if you know some possibility of conversion from beamer to on-screen editable powerpoint - openffice impress.

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Can you export from beamer as ascii text? PowerPoint can open/import from plain text files as well as the usual app-specific files. For example, put this into a text file (replace with literal tab chars), then start PPT and open the file, watch what happens:

This will be the title of your first slide
<tab>First bullet point, Level 1
<tab><tab>Level 2 bullet point
This will be the title of your second slide
And the title of your third slide
<tab>With more
<tab><tab>To drive Ed Tufte mad

And that's all.

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