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Java Question

no android facet found

I'm new to android, and I got an awkward error message. When I try to compile my project I get the error message "no android facet found", yesterday everything worked fine and I did not change a thing.

Can someone tell me why this error occurs out of nowhere? and how to fix it?

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Try this,

Add an android facet to your module by following below steps.

1) Go To File Menu -> Project Structure, or press (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S) shortcut to open "Project Structure".

2) Select "Facets" which is under the "Project Settings" tab. (First column)

3) Click on "+" button which is at the top of the Second Column to add new facets.

4) Select "Android" facet from that "Add "menu which will prompt another dialog box to select a module. (Select a module to which you want to apply this facet).

5) Select your module and that's it. :)

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