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Sitecore SPEAK UI programmatically set selected item of ComboBox

How should I set the selected item of a ComboBox component in Sitecore SPEAK UI?

My ComboBox is populated by a QueryDataSource component which is looking at a folder of items in my core DB.

I can retrieve the currently selected value (which is text, not an ID) using the following code:

var value = this.MyComboBoxId.viewModel.selectedItemId();

and I would have expected to be able to set the selected value using:

var value = "SomeValueWhichExistsInTheList";

but this doesn't seem to work. The documentation here mentions using

rebind(items, selectedItem, selectedValue, displayFieldName, valueFieldName)

but I don't want to have to re-populate it, just change the selected item. My code is within the
method of my model.


I found that if the ComboBox does not have
values set in the rendering properties you have to set the value to the appropriate itemId.
should be set to the name of a field you have created - you cannot bind to the item name.

Answer Source

In the initialize method, use the following code to set the value:

app.yourQueryDataSource.on("change:hasItems", function () {
    app.yourComboBox.set("selectedValue", yourValue); 
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