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Extract a part of values from a column

I have a dataframe df which has one of the column called "Results". That columns has values like -

Movie passed 1 of 3 tests
Movie passed 2 of 3 tests
Movie passed 3 of 3 tests
<empty string>
Movie passed 1 of 3 tests

I want to create a new column which extract the number of tests movie passed. In above case, the new column called new_results should have values like:


Please note that it puts '0' in case of null values. How do I achieve this task using pandas?

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You can use extract() method and capture the digits after the word passed, if nothing matches, it returns nan by default but you use fillna() method to replace nan with 0:

df.Results.str.extract('passed ([0-9]+)').fillna(0)

#0    1
#1    2
#2    3
#3    0
#4    1
#Name: Results, dtype: object