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Spark 1.5.1, MLLib Random Forest Probability

I am using Spark 1.5.1 with MLLib. I built a random forest model using MLLib, now use the model to do prediction. I can find the predict category (0.0 or 1.0) using the .predict function. However, I can't find the function to retrieve the probability (see the attached screenshot). I thought spark 1.5.1 random forest would provide the probability, am I missing anything here?

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Unfortunately the feature is not available in the older Spark MLlib 1.5.1.

You can however find it in the recent Pipeline API in Spark MLlib 2.x as RandomForestClassifier:

import org.apache.spark.ml.Pipeline
import org.apache.spark.ml.classification.RandomForestClassifier
import org.apache.spark.ml.feature.{IndexToString, StringIndexer, VectorIndexer}
import org.apache.spark.mllib.util.MLUtils

// Load and parse the data file, converting it to a DataFrame.
val data = MLUtils.loadLibSVMFile(sc, "data/mllib/sample_libsvm_data.txt").toDF

// Index labels, adding metadata to the label column.
// ??? Fit on whole dataset to include all labels in index.
val labelIndexer = new StringIndexer()

// Automatically identify categorical features, and index them.
// Set maxCategories so features with > 4 distinct values are treated as continuous.
val featureIndexer = new VectorIndexer()

// Split the data into training and test sets (30% held out for testing)
val Array(trainingData, testData) = data.randomSplit(Array(0.7, 0.3))

// Train a RandomForest model.
val rf = new RandomForestClassifier()

// Convert indexed labels back to original labels.
val labelConverter = new IndexToString()

// Chain indexers and forest in a Pipeline
val pipeline = new Pipeline()
  .setStages(Array(labelIndexer, featureIndexer, rf, labelConverter))

// Fit model. This also runs the indexers.
val model = pipeline.fit(trainingData)

// Make predictions.
val predictions = model.transform(testData)


You'll notice that the probability column is present :

 |-- label: double (nullable = false)
 |-- features: vector (nullable = true)
 |-- indexedLabel: double (nullable = true)
 |-- indexedFeatures: vector (nullable = true)
 |-- rawPrediction: vector (nullable = true)
 |-- probability: vector (nullable = true)
 |-- prediction: double (nullable = true)
 |-- predictedLabel: string (nullable = true)

Note: This example is from the official documentation of Spark MLlib's ML - Random forest classifier.

And here is some explanation on some output columns :

  • predictionCol represents the predicted label .
  • rawPredictionCol represents a Vector of length # classes, with the counts of training instance labels at the tree node which makes the prediction (available for Classification only).
  • probabilityCol represents the probability Vector of length # classes equal to rawPrediction normalized to a multinomial distribution (available with Classification only).