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Google-diff-match avoid showing new lines?

I am using diff-match http://neil.fraser.name/software/diff_match_patch/svn/trunk/demos/demo_diff.html

To show differences between 2 pieces of html. The problem is that the script shows new line as


Is there any way to set to don't show it?

Now I am just removing all istances of
, but this doesnt' sound good

Answer Source

As you have seen in the documentation, the pretty html function is just a sample to develop some cool ui. However, of you replace the ¶ (& para;) with null in the function, the symbol will disappear.

  diff_match_patch.prototype.diff_prettyHtml = function(diffs) {
    var html = [];
    var pattern_amp = /&/g;
    var pattern_lt = /</g;
    var pattern_gt = />/g;
    var pattern_para = /\n/g;
    for (var x = 0; x < diffs.length; x++) {
      var op = diffs[x][0];    // Operation (insert, delete, equal)
      var data = diffs[x][1];  // Text of change.
      //var text = data.replace(pattern_amp, '&amp;').replace(pattern_lt, '&lt;')
      //    .replace(pattern_gt, '&gt;').replace(pattern_para, '&para;<br>');
      var text = data.replace(pattern_amp, '&amp;').replace(pattern_lt, '&lt;')
          .replace(pattern_gt, '&gt;').replace(pattern_para, '<br>');
      switch (op) {
        case DIFF_INSERT:
          html[x] = '<ins style="background:#e6ffe6;">' + text + '</ins>';
        case DIFF_DELETE:
          html[x] = '<del style="background:#ffe6e6;">' + text + '</del>';
        case DIFF_EQUAL:
          html[x] = '<span>' + text + '</span>';
    return html.join('');

To test this, just go to the link you provided in Chrome and in console copy paste above function before hitting the compute diff button.

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