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Polymer2: Update view of array element, generated via dom repeat

I've a array of objects wich create their view via dom-repeat. In this view I have a button wich increases a property of a array element.
But the view is not refreshed after this.
Is their a way to notify polymer2 to update:

Here is a Bit of Code:

<template id="filterElementList" is="dom-repeat" items="{{filterElements}}">
<div style="display: flex;">
<filter-panel-element style$="margin-left: {{_computeLevel(item.level)}}px;"></filter-panel-element>
<i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-left" aria-hidden="true" on-click="_decreaseLevel"></i>
<i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-right" aria-hidden="true" on-click="_increaseLevel"></i>


_increaseLevel: function (e) {

I update the level Property of the element, but the view is not updated...

Answer Source

So, Considering your template is bound to filterElements and you are trying to increment a sub property of an item within your array,

you might have to specify the data.path while updating a property and/or a sub property of an array, of your element.

so try this:

  • e.model.set('item.level',e.model.item.level+1)

Polymer has this documented in their data system documentation, and it helps Polymer propagate event notifications and also observe the data mutations.

If you can create a plunk, with your array and your elements, it'd be easier to troubleshoot further.

That is in case, the above changes to your code, don't achieve the desired result

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