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Which IPs should I whitelist for a MySQL remote connection?

I am trying to remotely connect to SQL from another website. I did a whois lookup to get the IP address of the domain that's trying to connect and whitelisted it in cPanel. I also did a

and got a different IP address for some reason, so I whitelisted that as well. I also tried whitelisting by the domain name but MySQL is still refusing the connection.

If I allow access from all (%) it will work, but obviously I'm not gonna do that.. How can I find out for sure, which IP address needs to be whitelisted in order for SQL to allow the connection?

Answer Source

You need to white-list the main IP of the server (on where the domain is hosted). The outgoing connection from the server goes via primary IP address of the server. If it's a Linux machine you can use the command hostname -i to find out the primary IP address. Also you can check which IP is establishing connection to the MySQL using the command tcpdump -n dst and port 3306 Change the port number & IP address according to the MySQL server.

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