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C++ Question

How do you determine if a QVariant representing a QObject* is null

I'm using

to get properties from my object, some of these properties are pointers to classes that inherit from QObject, when using
I get back a
containing the pointer to the value of that property.

Given that
I'm unable to determine if the underlying value is null or not.

I've written a unit test to show the issue assuming you already have the

TEST(utilsTests, isNull)
QObject* object1 = new QObject();
QObject* object2 = nullptr;
EXPECT_NE(nullptr, object1);
EXPECT_TRUE(object2 == nullptr);
QVariant variant1 = QVariant::fromValue(object1);
QVariant variant2 = QVariant::fromValue(object2);
EXPECT_FALSE(Utils::isNull(variant1));//test passes
EXPECT_TRUE(Utils::isNull(variant2));//test fails

And here's what I've tried for the implementation of

bool Utils::isNull(QVariant value)
return value.isNull() ||
value.data() == nullptr ||
value.data() == NULL ||
value.data_ptr().is_null == 1 ||
value == QVariant() ||
value == NULL;

Some other things I've tried include:

  1. value.canConvert<QObject*>()
    however this throws a segfault

  2. value.value<QObject*>() == nullptr
    this a also throws a segfault

  3. value.value<void*>() == nullptr
    this always returns true

The reason I'm trying to do this is to convert arbitrary QObjects to json, but that's not important in this scope.


After some more experimentation I discovered that you can just compare 2 QVariants, if they are both representing a null pointer it will return true, otherwise it will return false. My final implementation of isNull looks like this:

bool Utils::isNull(QVariant value)
    //declaring a static variable here, it only get's initlized the first time
    static QVariant nullVariant = QVariant::fromValue((QObject * const)nullptr);
    return value == nullVariant;

you might want to call value.isNull() as well so you don't get any false positives.