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C++ Question

Is delete[] equal to delete?


if i free using

delete ptr;

will it lead to memory leak, if not then why ?

This is disassembly code generated by VS2005

**delete ptr;**
0041351D mov eax,dword ptr [ptr]
00413520 mov dword ptr [ebp-0ECh],eax
00413526 mov ecx,dword ptr [ebp-0ECh]
0041352C push ecx
0041352D call operator delete (4111DBh)
00413532 add esp,4
**delete []ptr;**
00413535 mov eax,dword ptr [ptr]
00413538 mov dword ptr [ebp-0E0h],eax
0041353E mov ecx,dword ptr [ebp-0E0h]
00413544 push ecx
00413545 call operator delete[] (4111E5h)
0041354A add esp,4

sbi sbi
Answer Source

Whether this leads to a memory leak, wipes your hard disk, gets you pregnant, makes nasty Nasal Demons chasing you around your apartment, or lets everything work fine with no apparent problems, is undefined. It might be this way with one compiler, and change with another, change with a new compiler version, with each new compilation, with the moon phases, your mood, or depending on the number of neutrinos that passed through the processor on the last sunny afternoon. Or it might not.

All that, and an infinite number of other possibilities are put into one term: Undefined behavior:

Just stay away from it.

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