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Strike-through in HTML Emails

I'm currently coding an HTML email, using MailChimp to test it, and eventually to send it.

The email advertises several sales, which are displayed using the HTML

tag. For some reason, these
tags are not coming through to the finished test emails.

Code as it appears in MailChimp:

<strike>$12.95</strike> SALE! $9.95

Code in the test email, retrieved using Chrome Web Tools:

$12.95 SALE! $9.95

I've personally verified that this is happening in Gmail, Outlook 2007, and Yahoo! Mail. A quick perusal of my MailChimp Inbox Inspector results tells me the problem is definitely not limited to these three.

Any idea why this might be happening? Is there a more reliable alternative I could use without resorting to images?

Answer Source

An in-line style of text-decoration:line-through is your best option and it seems to be widely supported. The PDF on that page has a much larger result set for many more clients.

Also, it might be worth trying out fractal as they claim to be able to optimise and validate HTML e-mails. I have not used it myself. Caveat is that it looks like you need to sign up to the service.

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