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OpenCV function to merge Mat's except for black/transparent pixels

I have a

containing text with a black background and a Mat containing a background. I want to merge the 2 Mat's so the text sits ontop of the background. Both Mats are BGR (CV_8UC3) and the same size (cols and rows).

Whats the OpenCV way of doing this?

I'm aware of a couple of functions but
are changing the text colour and
only works if I want one image to be slightly transparent. I just want to do a complete merge of the two (except not the black pixels in the text image). I'm looking for an OpenCV function rather than pixel editting myself, well a
would be good if thats an option.

enter image description here

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Try this:

sourceText = yourTextImage;
sourceBackground = yourBackgroundImage;

cv::Mat textTransparent;
cv::inRange(sourceText, cv::Scalar(0,0,0), cv::Scalar(0,0,0), textTransparent);
cv::imshow("transparent pixel", textTransparent); // this should show all the transparent pixel as being white. If that's not the case, adjust the range.
std::cout << "is the transparency mask ok? Press any key with openCV window focus." << std::endl;

cv::Mat result = sourceBackground.clone();
sourceText.copyTo(sourceBackground, 255-textTransparent); // copy pixels, using the created mask.

instead you could copy the transparent pixels from the sourceBackground to the sourceText which is a bit faster because you don't need the 255-textTransparent...

Could not test the code, please tell me if there are bugs.

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