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How to concatenate two-dimensional arrays in Java

I have a situation where I need to concatenate two two-dimensional arrays.

Object[][] getMergedResults() {
Object[][] a1 = getDataFromSource1();
Object[][] a2 = getDataFromSource2();
// I can guarantee that the second dimension of a1 and a2 are the same
// as I have some control over the two getDataFromSourceX() methods

// concat the two arrays
List<Object[]> result = new ArrayList<Object[]>();
for(Object[] entry: a1) {
for(Object[] entry: a2) {
Object[][] resultType = {};

return result.toArray(resultType);

I have looked at the solutions for the concatenation of 1-dimensional arrays in this post but have been unable to make it work for my two-dimensional arrays.

So far, the solution I have come up with is to iterate over both arrays and adding each member to a ArrayList and then returning toArray() of that array list. I'm sure there must be an easier solution, but have so far been unable to come with one.

Answer Source

You could try

Object[][] result = new Object[a1.length + a2.length][];

System.arraycopy(a1, 0, result, 0, a1.length);
System.arraycopy(a2, 0, result, a1.length, a2.length);
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