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Close dialog after 5 seconds with jquery

I'm implementing an add wishlist function to my rails app. So far I can dialog the message and get it to fade after 5 seconds. The issue is, once faded out and the user clicks on another "add wishlist" no dialog. They have to refresh the page. Im still learning so I know what's going on. I need to close the dialog with js but how?

Coming from my last question:


<section data-id="notification"></section>



// Calling the notification();
// You need to reduce that data string!
notification("<div id='noti' class='alert alert-success'><a href='#' class='close' data-dismiss='alert' aria-label='close'>&times;</a><p>WishList Added!</p></div>");


function notification(data){
$( "[data-id=notification]" ).append( data ).delay(5000).fadeOut(400); // I've tried adding .dialog('close')
$('#noti').dialog('close'); // this gives an error.


To conclude, when user adds to wishlist, an dialog will show. User can manually close the dialog or it will close itself after
seconds. If dialog closes it self and user clicks another add wishlist, alert re-appears etc. Some how I need to remove it from the dom.

Maybe it wont make sense to display a message every time the user adds/removes a wishlist but this will be useful for other parts of my app.

This question is 4 years ago. Has anything changed since? I need both: user close and js close.

Answer Source

You should use alert('close') :

$( "[data-id=notification]" ).append( data ).delay(5000).fadeOut(400);

Or using setTimeout :

$( "[data-id=notification]" ).append( data );
setTimeout(function() { $('#noti').alert('close'); }, 5000);

Hope this helps.

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