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jQuery Question

Hide div element with jquery on some wordpress pages

I want to hide certain divs for certain pages on my wordpress page. If I just use css it will hide this div in all my pages, which I do not want. I know how to do this for regular websites but not sure how to use this code for wordpress pages.

if (window.location.pathname == "mywebsite/Videos.html"||window.location.pathname == "url2.html"||window.location.pathname == "url3.html") {
} else {


Im trying to add a similar code to this on my functions.php page.


You should do this in CSS only.

Find you're page(s) ID

Check the page source code, in the body tag there is a unique class with the page ID.

<body class="[...] page-id-XXX [...]">

Or, in your admin dashboard, go to Pages section. Find you're page and look the edit link, you'll find a post parameter (post=). It's the page ID.

Change you're CSS file

You could add those lines in your CSS file

.page-id-XX #navleft,
.page-id-YY #navleft {
  display: none;

where XX is your Videos.html page ID and so on.