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MATLAB Tensor Indexing in C++

I am attempting to load in a .mat file containing a tensor of known dimensions in C++;


I have adjusted the linear index for the read operation to be column major as in MATLAB. However I am still getting memory access issues.

void FeatureLoader::readMat(const std::string &fname, Image< std::vector<float> > *out) {
//Read MAT file.
const char mode = 'r';
MATFile *matFile = matOpen(fname.c_str(), &mode);
if (matFile == NULL) {
throw std::runtime_error("Cannot read MAT file.");

//Copy the data from column major to row major storage.
float *newData = newImage->GetData();
const mxArray *arr = matGetVariable(matFile, "map");
if (arr == NULL) {
throw std::runtime_error("Cannot read variable.");

double *arrData = (double*)mxGetPr(arr);
#pragma omp parallel for
for (int i = 0; i < 144; i++) {
#pragma omp parallel for
for (int j = 0; j < 192; j++) {
for (int k = 0; k < 256; k++) {
int rowMajIdx = (i * 192 + j) * 256 + k;
int colMajIdx = (j * 144 + i) * 256 + k;
newData[rowMajIdx] = static_cast<float>(arrData[colMajIdx]);

In the above snippet, am I right to be accessing the data linearly as with a flattened 3D array in C++? For example:-

idx_row_major = (x*WIDTH + y)*DEPTH + z
idx_col_major = (y*HEIGHT + x)*DEPTH + z

Is this the underlying representation that MATLAB uses?

Answer Source

You have some errors in the indexing of the row mayor and column mayor Idx. Additionally, naively accessing the data can lead to very slow times due to random memory access (memory latency is key! Read more here).

The best way to pass from MATLAB to C++ types (From 3D to 1D) is following this example in the documentation page.

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