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Git Question

Difference between downloaded Odoo 8.0 from a normal Download to a Git Clone Odoo 8

I have a problem in downloading the Odoo in Git due to my intermittent internet connection.

I just want to copy My Odoo 8 the Manual Downloaded Ones to the

directory but the DL is only 430MB but in git the file to be downloaded will be 1GB?

Is there any difference to that?

Answer Source

Since Odoo 8 is a branch in the Odoo repo (, you can try and limit your clone to that only branch:

git clone <url> --branch <branch> --single-branch [<folder>]
git clone 8.0 --single-branch -- odoo8

You can add --depth 1 if you don't want the full history, which further reduce the volume of data to download.

The difference (when cloning a repo Git) in downloaded size comes from the branches and their full history.

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