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"Add new table" option missing - Visual Studio 2015

I'm working on Visual Studio 2015 and whenever I try to add a table from the server explorer menu, it only shows two options Properties and Refresh.

There have been answers for this problem, but I have already tried them, like, adding SQL data tools and repairing visual studio.

SQL data tools were already installed and even after repairing the problem persists.

So please suggest me how can I add tables to the database.

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Thanks for the comments, but i solved the problem.

Open the command prompt and type the command:

C:\sqllocaldb create "MyInstance" 

MyInstance refers to your sql server instance, it can be v11.0 but for me it was mssqllocaldb .

If it runs successfully, it will show you result stating 'Instance created' and you will be able to add the tables.

But if you get error regarding creation of instance then delete the instance by typing the command in command prompt:

C:\sqllocaldb delete "MyInstance"

and then create the instance.

I hope this helps.