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allow new values with chosen.js multiple select

I'm using the chosen.js plugin http://harvesthq.github.com/chosen/ with jQuery to allow the user to select multiple options from a select. However, I now want to be able to let them create values that aren't already present - any idea how to go about this?

EDIT: something similar to SO's own tag selection/creation bar would be close to what I'm after

Preferably without changing or editing the plugin, but will do if required.

The code:

<p>Select something</p>
<select name="theSelect[]" multiple="multiple">
<option value="First Option">First Option</option>
<option value="Second Option">Second Option</option>



So if a user were to type in "Third Option", i'd like to add that to the list and have it selected. The value and display name are / will be the same so that's not a concern

Answer Source

According to the documentation you can try doing something like this:


As Tony stated in the comments below:

"Starting with version 1.0 which the trigger is now "chosen:updated". See harvesthq.github.io/chosen/#change-update-events"

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