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Debugging an intermittently stuck NSOperationQueue

I have an iOS app with a really nasty bug: an operation in my NSOperationQueue will for some reason hang and not finish executing so other additional operations are being queued up but still not executing. This in turn leads to the app not begin able to perform critical functions. I have not yet been able to identify any pattern other than that it occurs on one of my co-workers devices every week or so. Running the app from Xcode at that point does not help as killing and relaunching the app resolves the issue for the time being. I've tried attaching the debugger to a running process and I seem to be able to see log data but any break points I add are not registering. I've added a bread crumb trail of NSLogs to try to pinpoint where it's hanging but this has not yet led to a resolution.

I originally described the bug in another question which is yet to have a clear answer I'm guessing because of the lack of info I'm able to provide around this issue.

A friend once told me that it's possible to save the entire memory stack of an app at a given moment in some form and reload that exact state of memory onto a process on a different device. Does anyone know how I can achieve that? If that's possible the next time someone encounters that bug I can save that exact state of memory and replicate to test all my theories of possible solutions. Or is there a different approach to tackling this? As an interim measure, do you think it would make sense to forcefully make the app crash when the app enters this state so actual users would be less confused? I'm have mixed feelings about this but the user will have to kill the app from the multitask dock anyway in order to use the app again. I can check the operation queue count or create some kind of timeout code for this until I actually nail this bug.

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This sounds as a deadlock on a very rare race-condition. You also mentioned using a maxConcurrentOperationCount of 2. This means that either:

  1. some operation is blocking the operation queue and waitiong for main to release some lock and main is waiting for the operation to finish
  2. two operations are waiting on each other to release some lock

1 seems very unlikely as the queue should allow 2 concurrent operations to be completely blocked, unless you are using some system functions that have concurency issues and block you queue instead of just one thread.

I this case my first attempt to debug would be to connect the debugger and pause execution. After that you can look at the stack traces for all threads. You should be able to find the 2 threads that are made by your operation queue after which I would review the responsible functions to find code thet might possibly wait on some lock. Make sure to take into consideration sytem functions.

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