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How to install beautiful soup 4 with python 2.7 on windows

I have windows vista with Python 2.7. I would like to install BeautifulSoup 4 but apparently I can't install Beautiful Soup just by copying the file into the site-packages directory.
I have to install pip and then run some commands from the command prompt.
Could you guide me through that step by step. I am really a noob so make it very simple.
Thanks in advance

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You don't need pip for installing Beautiful Soup - you can just download it and run python install from the directory that you have unzipped BeautifulSoup in (assuming that you have added Python to your system PATH - if you haven't and you don't want to you can run C:\Path\To\Python27\python "C:\Path\To\BeautifulSoup\" install)

However, you really should install pip - see How to install pip on Windows for how to do that best (via @MartijnPieters comment)

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