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UITableViewCell subclass with UIImageView proper way to reuse

I have a

subclass. I want to add a
as a subview, but make sure to do proper reuse so that I am not adding the subview over and over. I also want to make sure to nil out the image in

What is the proper method for doing this?

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In your custom cell subclass you should add any required views in the initWithStyle:reuseIdentifier: method. As long as you have registered your cell class against the reuse identifier in your table view then this initialiser will be called by dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier:forIndexPath: whenever a new cell is required. This method will not be called when a cell is reused, so your image view won't be added more than once.

You can clear the image view's current image in the cell class's prepareForReuse method.

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