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Javascript Question

remove unwanted commas in JavaScript

I want to remove all unnecessary commas from the start/end of the string.


google, yahoo,, ,
should become
google, yahoo

If possible
,google,, , yahoo,, ,
should become

I've tried the below code as a starting point, but it seems to be not working as desired.

trimCommas = function(s) {
s = s.replace(/,*$/, "");
s = s.replace(/^\,*/, "");
return s;

Answer Source

In your example you also want to trim the commas if there's spaces between them at the start or at the end, use something like this:

str.replace(/^[,\s]+|[,\s]+$/g, '').replace(/,[,\s]*,/g, ',');

Note the use of the 'g' modifier for global replace.

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