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How to run cloned Django project?

I am a junior software engineer and am quite new to Django. I built this app and am working on a README to explain to others how to fork, clone and setup the app on their own machines. I've gotten stuck while trying to re-create the steps.

This is the order in which I've drawn up the steps:

  1. Fork and clone the repo

  2. Source a virtual environment

  3. Pip install requirements.txt

  4. Obtain access_token and secret_key and store in

  5. Setup a Postgres DB, create user & database

  6. Migrate (?) - This is where I get stuck!

I tried migrating the app but there are no migrations to apply.

I tried 'django-admin startproject ig_miner_app . but am getting this error code:

"CommandError: /Users/Erin/Desktop/CodeByEAllard/project/instagram_miner/ already exists, overlaying a project or app into an existing directory won't replace conflicting files"

If I can get this sorted out, I should just be able to run the server like normal, right?

I'm sure I'm missing something (or many things) but don't know what they are. I feel silly because I was obviously able to create the app in the first place, but can't figure out how to explain to someone else to do the same! Does any have suggestions for how to get the server to run?

Thank you!

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First off, you are getting that error because you are starting a project within the same directory as the cloned project, this directory already contains an app with the name ig_miner_app hence the name conflict.

As regards steps to running the project by other users , this should work.

clone the project

git clone

create and start a a virtual environment

virtualenv env --no-site-packages

source env/bin/activate

install project dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt

create a file named ""

touch (mac and linux)

obtain a secret from MiniWebTool key and add to

export SECRET_KEY='<secret_key>'

add to .gitignore file

create a postgre db and add the credentials to

DATABASES = { 'default': { 'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.postgresql_psycopg2', 'NAME': 'db_name', 'USER': 'name', 'PASSWORD': '', 'HOST': 'localhost', 'PORT': '', } }

then run

python migrate

create admin account

python createsuperuser


python makemigrations ig_miner_app to makemigrations for the app

then again run python migrate

to start the development server

python runserver and open localhost:8000 on your browser to view the app.

I believe this should get the app up and running on others' machines. Let me know if you get stuck on any of these steps so I make edits, if not, you can just use it and add any other relevant info I might not have added.

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