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Re-using the same component twice with react-router

I have a react class called

which displays some content. It has a child,
that lists a bunch of links. I render my main container and by default load the first piece of content using a default ID of 1 as a fallback if there is no param value in the URL:

var MainContainer = React.createClass({
getInitialState: function() {
return {
selectedContent: this.props.params.slug || 1

componentWillReceiveProps: function(nextProps, nextState) {
selectedContent: this.props.params.slug || 1

The SidebarContainer component has a Link selector:

<Link to={content.slug}>

When I click on the link, the browser's URL visibly changes, but nothing else happens. When I click again, the correct content renders. However, when I copy-paste a url with a specified param, it renders the correct content first time around.

My ReactDOM render method has the following react-router config:

<Route path="/" component={MainContainer}/>
<Route path="/content/:slug" component={MainContainer}/>
), document.getElementById('react-app'));

Am I using the
lifecycle method incorrectly?

Answer Source

Inside componentWillReceiveProps, shouldn't you use nextProps instead of this.props?

      selectedContent: nextProps.params.slug || 1
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