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C++ - value of uninitialized vector<int>

I understand from the answer to this question that values of global/static uninitialized int will be 0. The answer to this one says that for vectors, the default constructor for the object type will be called.

I am unable to figure out - what happens when I have

vector<int> v(10)
in a local function. What is the default constructor for int? What if I have
vector<int> v(10)
declared globally?

What I am seeing is that
vector<int> v(10)
in a local function is resulting in variables being 0 - but I am not sure if that is just because of my compiler or is the fixed expected behaviour.

Answer Source

The zero initialization is specified in the standard as default zero initialization/value initialization for builtin types, primarily to support just this type of case in template use.

Note that this behavior is different from a local variable such as int x; which leaves the value uninitialized (as in the C language that behavior is inherited from).

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