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Perl Question

What's the easiest way to install a missing Perl module?

I get this error:

Can't locate Foo.pm in @INC

Is there an easier way to install it than downloading, untarring, making, etc?

Answer Source

On Unix:

usually you start cpan in your shell:

# cpan

and type

install Chocolate::Belgian

or in short form:

cpan Chocolate::Belgian

On Windows:

If you're using ActivePerl on Windows, the PPM (Perl Package Manager) has much of the same functionality as CPAN.pm.


# ppm
ppm> search net-smtp
ppm> install Net-SMTP-Multipart

see How do I install Perl modules? in the CPAN FAQ

Many distributions ship a lot of perl modules as packages.

  • Gentoo: category dev-perl
  • Debian: apt-cache search 'perl$'

You should always prefer them as you benefit from automatic (security) updates and the ease of removal. This can be pretty tricky with the cpan tool itself.

For Gentoo there's a nice tool called g-cpan which builds/installs the module from CPAN and creates a Gentoo package (ebuild) for you.

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