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iOS Question

UITableView beginUpdates/endUpdates callback

I'm making changes to a tableView using a beginUpdates/endUpdates block. Throughout the way I need to update a drop shadow so that it reflects the tableView's current composition.

I tried setting up KVO for the tableView's

but it's only called on
, once the animation has finished. What I want is for it to be called every time
changes (even if it's by only a pixel). Is there any way to achieve this?

Answer Source

Sorry to say, I don't think you can do this. When you make changes to the table in after beginUpdates has been called the changes are animated as a single animation after endUpdates. There are no animation callbacks during these animations. I haven't tried this so don't know if it would work well for this but you could try nesting beginUpdates and endUpdates and updating your shadow after each endUpdates.

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