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Going through a object with a variable

I guess I didnt really know how to ask this question for me to find an answer.

So I have three variables that are going to make this function do what it has to

function gatherDataForGeographic(ele) {
var $this = $(ele)
var $main_title = $this.find('.options-title'),
$option = $this.find('.option');
var arr = []
var reportAreas = reportManager.getReportAreasObject();

$option.each(function () {
var $this = $(this)
var $checkbox = $this.find('.checkbox');
var type = $'type'),
index = $'index');

if ($checkbox.hasClass('checkbox--checked')) {
} else {
return true;
return arr;
//this will return an object that I need to index
var reportAreas = reportManager.getReportAreasObject();

//this will get the a key that i need from the object
var type = $'type');

//this will give me the index I need to grab
var index = $'index');

So what I am trying to do is go through the object based on the type(or key) from the option selected by a user

The problem...
It is looking for
and is not recognizing it as a variable and I keep getting
because .type does not exist.

Is there a way for it to see that type is a variable and not a key?

Answer Source

You can use dynamic properties in JS using the bracket syntax, not the dot syntax:


That will resolve to reportAreas['whateverString'] and is equivalent to reportAreas.whateverString- reportAreas.type however, is a literal check for type property.

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