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How to get last insert id in Eloquent ORM laravel

I am performing a database operation with "Eloquent ORM in Laravel". I just want to take the last insert id (not the maximum id) in the database.

I searched to get last insert id in laravel Eloquent ORM, I got following link (Laravel, get last insert id using Eloquent) that is refer to get last insert id from following function "


But I need to get


My Query:



How can I retrieve the last inserted id?

Answer Source

Like the docs say: Insert, update, delete

"You may also use the create method to save a new model in a single line. The inserted model instance will be returned to you from the method. However, before doing so, you will need to specify either a fillable or guarded attribute on the model, as all Eloquent models protect against mass-assignment.

After saving or creating a new model that uses auto-incrementing IDs, you may retrieve the ID by accessing the object's id attribute:"

$insertedId = $user->id;

So in your sample:

$user = User::create($loginuserdata);
$insertedId = $user->id;

then on table2 it is going to be

$input['table2_id'] = $insertedId;
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