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Python Question

Return the values inside parenthesis in python (with ignoring parenthesis inside it)

I'm trying to extract the values of following line inside the parenthesis.

line=(panel, wxID_EXIT, wxT("Quit"),wxPoint(20, 20))

expected answer is:

panel, wxID_EXIT, wxT("Quit"),wxPoint(20, 20)

but using the following

match = re.search(pattern, line)

I only receive the following output.

(panel, wxID_EXIT, wxT("Quit")

Unfortunately my knowledge of regular expressions is very limited.Can someone help me to get the expected answer.

Answer Source

with that .*?, you turned off the greedy aspect of regular expression. Just remove the question mark to enable it again (this is default):


full test:

import re
line='(panel, wxID_EXIT, wxT("Quit"),wxPoint(20, 20))'
match = re.search(pattern, line)
print(match.group(1)=='panel, wxID_EXIT, wxT("Quit"),wxPoint(20, 20)')

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