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MySQL Question

General error: 1364 Field 'xxxx' doesn't have a default value

I got a project, which make insertions which inserting no values(not empty values) to the columns with NOT NULL and NO DEFAULT values.
I believed that is impossible to make insertion with missing required values, and it always throws an error: Field 'xxxx' doesn't have a default value. But as I see here mysql can be set to


I am confused, cause I think it is dangerous. And if I switch it OFF it will apply to all projects and it could be really bad. So what should I do? Is it possible to set the mode only for one mysql database while other databases will be on STRICT mode? What do you think about it? Is it an issue or not?

Answer Source

The sql-mode system variable is available at both global and session level. Which means either you have to set this for entire server or particular connection. So there is no way to configure this for subset of DBs at server level. However you can specify the sql mode when you are making the connection. So those connections will run in strict mode.

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