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How to use the proposed ECMAscript class syntax with React and Webpack?

I am trying to learn the proposed class syntax for ecmascript and using it with React, i have successfully rendered components with es6 using babel with webpack. Now i want to use instance properties inside classes which are declared outside of the constructor. For eg:

class MyComponent extends React.Component{

property1= "new property";
func1= ()=>{

I am getting the error "unexpected token" on 'property1' and 'func1' while trying to do something like this. also, i am using the babel presets for react and babel-preset-env plugins in webpack.

I want to limit the use of "this" keyword inside my class, so i thought the newer es7 classes could acheive that, how can i do this? any help would be appreciated.

Edit 1:
I included the "babel-preset-stage-3" preset , and the relevant webpack entry looks like this:

module: {
rules: [
test: /\.jsx?$/,
use: [
loader: 'babel-loader',
options: {
presets: ['env','stage-3','react']
} ] }

but i am getting the same error. i also tried to make a custom class like this:

class Es7test {
constructor() {




Is the ordering of the presets wrong in the array , or do i also need other pluging as suggested in the answer below

Answer Source

That syntax isn't "ES7" (by which I assume you mean ES2016, aka the 7th edition). In fact, it's not even ES2017. It's still a Stage 3 proposal. It might make ES2018 if a couple of implementations get done in time for it reach Stage 4 before the cutoff.

To use it with Babel, enable the stage-3 preset or the specific plugin for that feature (transform-class-properties).

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