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JSON Question

python: read json and loop dictionary

I'm learning python and i loop like this the json converted to dictionary: it works but is this the correct method? Thank you :)

import json

output_file = open('output.json').read()
output_json = json.loads(output_file)

for i in output_json:
print i
for k in output_json[i]:
print k, output_json[i][k]

print output_json['webm']['audio']
print output_json['h264']['video']
print output_json['ogg']

here the JSON:

"video": "libvp8",
"audio": "libvorbis"
"h264": {
"video": "libx264",
"audio": "libfaac"
"ogg": {
"video": "libtheora",
"audio": "libvorbis"

here output:

> h264
audio libfaac video libx264
> audio libvorbis video libtheora webm
> audio libvorbis video libvp8 libvorbis
> libx264 {u'audio': u'libvorbis',
> u'video': u'libtheora'}

Answer Source

That seems generally fine.

There's no need to first read the file, then use loads. You can just use load directly.

output_json = json.load(open('/tmp/output.json'))

Using i and k isn't correct for this. They should generally be used only for an integer loop counter. In this case they're keys, so something more appropriate would be better. Perhaps rename i as container and k as stream? Something that communicate more information will be easier to read and maintain.

You can use output_json.iteritems() to iterate over both the key and the value at the same time.

for majorkey, subdict in output_json.iteritems():
    print majorkey
    for subkey, value in subdict.iteritems():
            print subkey, value
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