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Javascript Question

Unable to add all labels using amcharts

As per image I am getting only label on first and third column how can I get labels in all columns? Below I have attached an image.

JavaScript code:

<script type="text/javascript">

var chart;

var chartData = [ {
"month": "JAN",
"scores": 200,
"color": "#CD0D74"
}, {
"month": "FEB",
"scores": 700,
"color": "#FF6600"
}, {
"month": "MAR",
"scores": 800,
"color": "#FCD202"
}, {
"month": "APR",
"scores": 990,
"color": "#04D215"
} ];

var chart = AmCharts.makeChart( "chartdiv1", {
"theme": "light",
type: "serial",
dataProvider: chartData,
categoryField: "month",
"startDuration": 1,
categoryAxis: {
labelRotation: 90,
gridPosition: "start"

graphs: [ {

valueField: "scores",
colorField: "color",
type: "column",
lineAlpha: 0.1,
fillAlphas: 1
} ],

chartCursor: {
cursorAlpha: 0,
zoomable: false,
categoryBalloonEnabled: false
export: {
enabled: true
} );

Here is HTML Code:

<div id="chartdiv1"></div>

Graph Image

Here is **Graph image:**

Please help me out to solve this . Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

Tested your code in JSFiddle and it is showing all the labels but it is having different chartdata with the example in your image.

CSS added for the graph to show

#chartdiv1 {
  width: 100%;
  height: 500px;

Based on the example in image, probably because the month is not inserted for second and fourth chartdata?

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