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Android Question

Android. How from command line start emulator, deploy apk AND run apk?

Windows 10 (64 bit).

My emulator is locate on folder :


My apk is locate on folder:


I'm locate on folder D:\temp
If I want to start emulator from command line (prompt) I use the next command:

emulator -avd exus_4_4.avd

It's work fine. Emulator is success launched.

But I need more. Only from command line:

  1. Launch emulator

  2. Deploy d:\Programs\Android\apk\my_apk.apk to started emulator

  3. Run apk on emulator

How I can do this from command line?

Answer Source

To install a .apk file you need follow the below steps

  • Open the command prompt inside d:\Programs\Android\apk\
  • Type adb install my_apk.apk and press Enter.
  • If the app is already installed in the device then use adb install -r FileName.apk
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