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Multiplying using only recursive functions and incrementation in C

So, for my assignment, I'm supposed to code a function that takes 2 unsigned arguments and outputs their product.

unsigned multiply( unsigned a, unsigned b );

For instance,

multiply(3, 4)

should return 12

The thing is, I'm not allowed to use +, -, /, *, or % operators. I'm only allowed to call functions, and increment/decrement with ++ and --.

I have another function already made to add 2 arguments:

unsigned add(unsigned a, unsigned b)
if (a > 0)
add(--a, ++b);
else return(b);

and I'm allowed to call this, along with any helper functions I need.

I've spent the past 30 minutes trying out various permutations but I just cannot get the math right; the closest I've come is getting b to double itself a times, but that's not going to cut it. Any ideas?

Edit: Forgot to mention! For/while loops aren't allowed either

Answer Source
unsigned add(unsigned a, unsigned b){
    if (a > 0)
        return add(--a, ++b);
        return b;
unsigned multiply( unsigned a, unsigned b ){
    if( a > 0)
        return add(b, multiply(--a, b));
        return 0;
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