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C# Question

IEnumerable to array of T[]

Perhaps the question title is incorrect. I have the following variables

IEnumerable x = // some IEnumerable
System.Type y = // some type

How can iterate over x in order to generate an array with items of type y?

When I look into the internet I found:

public T[] PerformQuery<T>(IEnumerable q)
T[] array = q.Cast<T>().ToArray();
return array;

Note I cannot call that method PerformQuery becuase
is of type
in other words calling it as
will give me a compiler error.


Here is the reason why I have that problem. I have web service where I post to it two things. The type of table I will like to query (example typeof(Customer)), and the actual string query example "Select * from customers"

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
// code to deserialize posted data
Type table = // implement that here
String query = // the query that was posted

// note DB is of type DbContext
IEnumerable q = Db.Database.SqlQuery(table, query );

// here I will like to cast q to an array of items of type table!

Answer Source

You can use Expression Trees:

public static class MyExtensions
    public static Array ToArray(this IEnumerable source, Type type)
        var param = Expression.Parameter(typeof(IEnumerable), "source");
        var cast = Expression.Call(typeof(Enumerable), "Cast", new[] { type }, param);
        var toArray = Expression.Call(typeof(Enumerable), "ToArray", new[] { type }, cast);
        var lambda = Expression.Lambda<Func<IEnumerable, Array>>(toArray, param).Compile();

        return lambda(source);

It generates x => x.Cast<Type>().ToArray() for you, with Type known at runtime.


IEnumerable input = Enumerable.Repeat("test", 10);
Type type = typeof(string);

Array result = input.ToArray(type);
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