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Git Question

'git push heroku master' is still asking for authentication

I have executed:

$ heroku login

But when I try to push, I'm still asked for authentication:

$ git push heroku master
Username for '': <email>
Password for 'https://<email>':

Then I get a WARNING: Do not authenticate with username and password using Git.

I ran heroku login again and authenticated successfully but I still get the same failure.

I've checked the remote:

$ git remote -v
heroku (fetch)
heroku (push)

I've also generated a new public key, passed it to Heroku, and validated it:

I am on Windows 8, with Git 1.9.5.

Answer Source

Pardon for the late reply, but I have fixed my problem two months ago. (Just haven't marked the question as answered. /noob)

SSH Fingerprint not authorized on Heroku after git restore

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