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NSDecimalNumber and popping digits off of the end

I'm not quite sure what to call it, but I have a text field to hold a currency value, so I'm storing that as a NSDecimalNumber. I don't want to use the numbers & symbols keyboard so I'm using a number pad, and inferring the location of a decimal place like ATMs do. It works fine for entering numbers. Type 1234 and it displays $12.34 but now I need to implement back space. So assuming $12.34 is entered hitting back space would show $1.23. I'm not quite sure how to do this with a decimal number. With an int you would just divide by 10 to remove the right most digit, but that obviously doesn't work here. I could do it by some messy converting to int / 10 then back to decimal but that just sounds horrific... Any suggestions?

Answer Source

Call - (NSDecimalNumber *)decimalNumberByDividingBy:(NSDecimalNumber *)decimalNumber withBehavior:(id < NSDecimalNumberBehaviors >)behavior on it

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