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(C++) Getting the error: invalid use of class::function and I have not the slightest clue why

I was taking a course on C++ on this website called Udemy. I had just gotten finished with a video lecture on Classes. I decided to experiment around with the idea of using classes and header files, as is encouraged by the teacher. I began by creating 2 .cpp files and 1 header file. I created a function in the second .cpp file, then created a class for it in the header file, and tried calling it in the first .cpp file, but got the error in the first .cpp file: invalid use of 'Learn2::Learn2'. This is the first .cpp file:

#include "Learn1.h"
#include "Learn2.cpp"

Learn2 learn2;

int main() {

string input;

cout << "Would you like to see the menu of processes? (yes/no)" << endl;

cin >> input;

if (input == "yes"){
cout << "all done here" << endl;
return 0;

void showMenu(){
cout << "Processes: " << flush;
cout << " Quit(4) Edit(5)" << endl;
int input;

cin >> input;

switch(input) {
case 4:
cout << "You selected: quit(4)" << endl;
case 5:
cout << "You selected: edit(5)" << endl;
cout << "not recognized" << endl;

This is the second .cpp file:

#include "Learn1.h"

cout << "hi" << endl;

And here is my header file(.h file):

* Learn1.h
* Created on: Nov 19, 2016
* Author: jacob

#ifndef LEARN1_H_
#define LEARN1_H_

#include <iostream>
#include <limits.h>
#include <iomanip>

using namespace std;

class Learn1 {
virtual ~Learn1();

void showMenu();

class Learn2 {

#endif /* LEARN1_H_ */

Yes, I know, the code is a bit random, just keep in mind that I was just poking around with the idea.

Answer Source

In a class named Learn2, all functions named Learn2 are constructors. They can be used only to construct objects, not to be called as member functions on objects of the class.



is wrong.

You can use

learn2 = Learn2();

to construct a brand new object and then assign it to learn2.

If the class had other member functions, you could call them on learn2.

class Learn2 {
    display() { std::cout << "In Learn2::display\n"; }

Learn learn2;
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