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Git Question

How can I trigger garbage collection on a Git remote repository?

As we know, we can periodically run

git gc
to pack objects under

In the case of a remote central Git repository (bare or not), though, after many pushes, there many files under
; each commit seems to create a new file there.

How can I pack that many files? (I mean the ones on the remote central bare repository, not on local clone repository.)

Answer Source

The remote repo should be configured to run gc as needed after a commit is made. See the documentation of in git-gc and git-config man pages.

However, a remote repo shouldn't need all that much garbage collection, since it will rarely have dangling (unreachable) commits. These usually result from things like branch deletion and rebasing, which typically happen only in local repos.

So gc is needed more for repacking, which is for saving storage space rather than removing actual garbage. The variable is sufficient for taking care of this.

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