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Javascript Question

console.log method extraction from console

Considering that

wasn't overriden and refers to native object,
method (and possibly others) is extracted from
object with

var log = obj.log = console.log;
// instead of console.log.bind(console)

Is it 100% safe in terms of browser and Node compatibility?

A significant amount of JS examples (maybe too illustrative) with bound
suggests that it may be not.

Answer Source

The browser differ in their console implementations, it appears that WebKit/Blink-based browsers (Chrome, Opera 15+, Safari, etc) are the only ones that are uncomfortable with extracted console methods.

Node has its own console implementation, it is safe to extract console methods in Node applications, the same applies to Electron's main process.

NW.js replaces Node console with Chromium's:

Node.js and Chromium each has its own implementation of setTimeout and console. Currently, for console, we use Chromium's implementation everywhere, because it can print in devtools and have more information exposed.

It is not safe to extract console methods in NW.js Node's context.

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