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ElasticBeanstalk - Adding ec2-user to another group

I have a cron job that needs to be run under

on my EC2 instance and it needs to be able to write to the standard log files for my web app. However, the log files are owned by
(as per normal).

I've successfully changed the permissions on the log files so that they are accessible by both the owner and the group
. But where I'm running into trouble is when I try to add the
to the

I can do it fine in SSH with
sudo usermod -a -G webapp ec2-user
but when I try to add this command via EB container-commands, I get an error saying that
you must have a tty to run sudo
. Running the command without sudo gives me
/bin/sh: usermod: command not found

Anybody know of any other way to be able to add
to the
group via the Elastic Beanstalk deployment config.

Answer Source

You need to run this command from a container_command before executing any commands with sudo:

echo Defaults:root \!requiretty >> /etc/sudoers

In context (in .ebextensions/yourconf.config)

    command: echo Defaults:root \!requiretty >> /etc/sudoers #disables error related to needing a tty for sudo, allows running without cli
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