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jQuery Question

How do I replace the entire HTML node using jQuery

I have a string which looks like:

<html><head><title>example</title></head><body>some example text</body></html>

I get this string returned as a result to an AJAX request.

I would like the browser to render and display that string. The idea would be to do something like:


Well, that doesn't work. I've attempted to use an IFRAME but I haven't figured out how to get that to work either.

Note: It is impossible for me to change this string. It is also impossible for me to regenerate this string in a subsequent call to the server (otherwise I could just redirect the browser to that url).

Answer Source

The methods will do what you want:

var newDoc ="text/html", "replace");

Unless you pass in the replace parameter, the call adds page history. So users would have to click back twice to go to the previous page.

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