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MySQL Question

mysql select data from 2 tables, but 2nd table has dynamic cell names

I have a table that holds product names, description, prices, etc and another tables were the admin can add custom columns to expand the first table. These columns are create through php forms. I have no way of knowing how many the user will create.

For example my "products" tables has:


and the second table "products_custom" has:

product_id //this value holds the product id from the above table
serial_number //a custom column the user created
product_image //another column the user created

Now, in order to show all these values in a table i have to LEFT JOIN the 2 tables based on the and products_custom.product_id.

The proper SQL query should be:

SELECT p.*, pc.serial_number, pc.product_image FROM products AS p
LEFT JOIN products_custom as pc ON = pc.product_id ORDER BY ASC

I can get the cell names that exist in the products_custom tables using a php function that queries the 2nd table so having those values in order to use them in the query above is not a problem. I can have these column names returned to a variable.

(example: $mycolumns = "serial_number,product_image")

The problem is that by accident this query here works as well.

SELECT p.*, serial_number,product_image FROM products AS p
LEFT JOIN products_custom ON = products_custom.product_id ORDER BY ASC

Should this be working ? Can i leave it like that ? or should i add the pc. prefix in every value that $mycolumns has and then reconstruct the sql to make it look like the 'proper query' i wrote above ?


Answer Source

Yes, you should use the pc. prefix.

The reason it works is because those column names are unique to the queried tables.

The reason I say you should use the pc. prefix is to prevent a possible issue where a user creates a custom column name (in products_custom) that is also in the products table. For example, description or price. Without the pc. a duplicate column name would (should) throw a SQL error.

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